March 31, 2019

Processing Large Files – Java, Go and 'hitting the wall'

In January Stuart Marks published a blog post named “Processing Large Files in Java” as a response to a post by Paige Niedringhaus about “Using Java to Read Really, Really Large Files”. Niedringhaus there reports her experience with JavaScript to solve a “coding challenge” where a “very large file” has to be processed and four specific questions where asked about the processed file. After solving the challenge in JavaScript, Niedringhaus then moved forward and successfully implemented a solution to the challenge in Java as she was curious about Java and how to do it in that language. Read more

February 9, 2019

Go Issue #21876 – archive/zip: Reader.Read returns ErrChecksum

Out of curiosity I took one of the HelpWanted issues from the Go Repository at github, investigated it and had some fun. Introduction The Go Issue 21876 states that “archive/zip: Reader.Read returns ErrChecksum on certain files” where a zip file is created “where the directory entries don’t have the ’d' bit set”. Further, then such a zip file is processed with some ruby code [2] where all directory entries in the zip file are removed. Read more

April 25, 2018

How Do You Think About Cobol

How do you think about Cobol (1959)? Old stuff? …yes! But how do you think about JAVA (1995)? also Old stuff? Well it works and it gets constantly updated. Running a non-JAVA / non-JVM “binary” in a well established JAVA shop is nearly impossible, except you deliver immensely high value with it, which is most of the time very unlikely. The modern world is polyglot and cloud native has no preference in what language you implement your stuff. Read more

January 1, 2018

About Me

I’m an engineer working currently as a System & Software Architect. My background and interests span from working and building distributed systems in the telecommunications, insurance, healthcare and fintech area. Starting to work on the server side (UNIX, Linux) and embedded realtime systems in software (C/C++) and hardware (ARM), I moved to a more business-oriented space over the years discovering the world of JAVA(EE), leading teams and projects and all sorts of “Business Process Management” systems and technology. Read more

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